St. Kilda Jumpcut

Exchange project - University of Melbourne


: 06 / 2015
: 12 / 2015
: -
: Anna Nervegna
: A+
: Melbourne (AU)

St Kilda has had many faces. First it functioned as a place to facilitate the upper-class, declined during the depression and functioned as the growing focus of social issues in the 50’s. Especially due to these events St Kilda accommodates a large range of different communities with their own contribution to the environment. Observation as a foreigner, I do not see this reflected in the surrounding. Hence, it offers the St Kilda Triangle an opportunity to create a new identity build, maintained and cared by all its visitors. When a building establishes a sense of responsibility, it will enable the people to make it part of their society and therefore stimulating to work a new identity of the area. 

The massing will be structured as a folding landscape which slowly overflows into organic formed skyscrapers (three). This mixture between landscape and object respects the view form and towards the beach but also establishes its own character to be present in the site. To prevent disproportional situations these skyscrapers are max 40m high and have transparent levels. Every tower is built from independent terraces where people can decide how to arrange the program; farms, galleries, business, retail, parks, bars ect. Over time functions will change according to the corresponding needs which result is a multi-layered area.

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