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Graduation Project - TU Delft


: 09 / 2016    
: 06 / 2017
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: Hrvoje Smidihen
: 8
: Havana (CU)

Every adult spends his early life generally around 15 till 20 years in education which will shape someone’s personality. Apart from the information, knowledge and reasoning gained following this educative path, the matter of how we learn is the most valuable lesson learned so far. The concept of learning is entirely depended on the way how we transfer knowledge from one person to the other. Therefore, since the last years of studies the interest in grew didactics and what elements take part in this crucial process of educating people. 

Cuba is on the brink of changing into an advanced technological driven country that mainly profits from exporting knowledge and research. Due to its geographical location, climate, free-trading-zones, quality labor and favorable tax conditions, Cuba positions itself as an ideal entrepreneur environment.
With this conception as hypothetical scenario,
the design proposal seeks to implement future conditions using urban elements to form a vocational business school which will accommodate the demand for new entrepreneurship and therefore contributing to advancing towards a knowledge focused economy