Periphery mixed-use

Offices - Cafes - Shops - Daycare - Parking





: 05 / 2018    
: 06 / 2018
: Kraaijvanger Architects
: David Hess, Daniëla Schelle, Wouter Ijssel de Schepper
: 60.000 m2

: Idea tender
: Karlsruhe (DU)

The German energy production company EnBW asked Kraaijvanger Architects to come up with a new vision for their future headquarters in Karlsruhe. The current office, on the periphery located between the city center and suburbs, forms an urban barrier preventing movement from university towards the tram station . With the new design we want to activate this potential piece of city fabric by opening up the building with a permeable structure. 

Originated from the offices philosophy, the building consist out of four main elements: Earth; the fully accessible roof park. Water; the large pond in the northern patio.

Fire; the energy tower that collects solar power and functions as a beacon/battery for the neighborhood. Air; the top of the tower that collects winder energy with its vertical axis wind turbines. 

The central tower forms the bridge between employees and visitors and can be used in multiple ways like reaching the roof park. This park mimics the actual surrounding forests with large trees and grass fields.