Urban Landmark

Multi-tentant office





: 04 / 2016    
: 2021
: Kraaijvanger Architects
: David Hess, Mijke Rood, Jan-Hein Franken
: 10.000 m2

: Ongoing
: Eindhoven (NL)

On the border between Strijp-S and the center of Eindhoven, the multi-tenant office building acts as an urban landmark in the city. Two volumes placed in a 'L' shape create a South orientated square surrounded by a public cafe. Here, the entrance is emphasized by a two story high colonnade relating to the industrial character of Strijp-S. 

The entrance is also a double high space to invite its visitors whilst connecting the two conference areas. From here you have a clear view towards the bar and restaurant guided by the two wooden cores. Here all vertical transportation, toilets, storage and technical unites are placed. 

One of the key design statements was to create an highly efficient layout, hence all buildings elements are aligned on a 3.6m grid. The facade itself is made from prefabricated concrete sandwich panels to reduce construction time. In our studies we wanted to create multiple levels in which you experience the building; first the 7,2m 'staples', the 3,6m frames and the 2 x 1,8m window frames. 

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