Framing the city






: 12 / 2018    
: 01 / 2019
: Kraaijvanger Architects
: Dirk-Jan Postel, David Hess, Iris van de Weijde, Andrea Costa, Lukasz Grela,
: 12.000 m2

: Competition
: 's-Hertogenbosch

For the tender of a new theater in Den Bosch (NL) Kraaijvanger Architecs designed a proposal that invites it's audience with a new and daring design but respects its historical context. The concept was simplicity. A visitor needs to know or at least move in a natural way from the register to the cloakroom, bar/foyer, the theater hall and then to the restaurant. 

Westated three important improvements to make compared to the previous theater. Create an invisible logistic entrance that won't obstruct the Parade square. Framing the beautiful parts of the city like the St Jans cathedral, Bossche broek and the square and intuitive way finding

The overall shape is derived from the giving plot borders, hence creating a natural  and embossment in the facade. Form the unique places in the city the frames are then composed to catch the essence of the surrounding. As the cadres frame  the city in the evening they also show the visitors as if the are part of the stage.   

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